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Convert Videos To Any Format Using Hey Watch

This Article Is Sponored By You! | Tuesday, January 16, 2007 by Salman Siddiqui | Comments
I am now blogging on my self hosted blog CompuWorld and started another blog of mine the Senorita

"Hey Watch" is a dedicated online video encoding platform, which lets you get any videos and encode them in the format you want. Hey Watch after there launch on December 25th, 2006 opted to end the beta version on January 10th, 2007 instead of staying in beta for ever...

How HeyWatch works:
  • Register yourself as is the case with any other online service.
  • Enter the URL of the online video or browse through your hard disk to upload the video locally.
  • Upload the video.
  • When uploaded, the video is displayed in RAW video section.
  • Choose the encoding setting and you are "done".
The supported video sources are:
  • Online video services (Youtube, Myspace, Google Video, Metacafe, and more).
  • Video Podcast feeds.
  • Video links (direct or from a webpage).
  • Videos from your hard disk.
The output formats and supported devices are:
  • Formats (DVD, zune, iRiver H3x0, Divx, iAudio X5, TiVo DVR, mov, MP4, flv, swf, asf, Real, vcd, svcd, 3GPP2…).
  • Devices (Mobile phone, iPod, PSP, NDS, Archos, Pocket PC, Creative Zen,…).
The Hey Watch service is free for 10 monthly encoding sessions, then requires a $4.99 monthly fee for more than 10 months, and up to 100 monthly encoding sessions (see image below).
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I am now blogging on my self hosted blog CompuWorld and started another blog of mine the Senorita

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