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Control uTorrent Downloads From Your Mobile

This Article Is Sponored By You! | Friday, July 27, 2007 by Salman Siddiqui | Comments
I am now blogging on my self hosted blog CompuWorld and started another blog of mine the Senorita

P2P and uTorrent are living just because there are plenty of nerds out there who love this concept. Another result of one of the uTorrent fans is a mobile interface uTorrent mUI using which you can easily control your uTorrent client using your mobile browser. See his forum post for detailed discussion.

The uTorrent mUI has not been developed by BitTorrent Inc. and is not an official interface (i.e. be ready for few bugs in the coming time).

Check out these tutorials to know the best of uTorrent performance optimization tricks:
I am sure that you would appreciate the CompuWorld tutorial and ofcourse the awesome LifeHacker's tutorial.

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I am now blogging on my self hosted blog CompuWorld and started another blog of mine the Senorita

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